ISO 22324 Societal security - Emergency management - Guidelines for colour coded alert

This project aims to develop an International Standard that provides guidance on how to use colour codes to inform about danger and to express the severity of a situation to both people at risk as well as first response personnel. It is applicable to all types of hazard in any location. People interested in warning should join this project in order to provide us with their knowledge as well as it will be a learning experience for them to work with other experts in this field. 


Upcoming events

20-24 January in Bogota, Colombia 
Working Group 9 meeting

[TBD] February, Zoom
Communication Group meeting

[TBD] Mars in London, UK 
Working Group 6 and Working Group 8 meeting

21-26 June, 2020, in Berlin, Germany
8th ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting



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