Developing Country Contact Group

Developing Countries are the most affected by emergencies, major incidents and disasters which continuously undermine developmental agendas of these countries resulting into unwanted socio-economic impact. Standards developed by ISO/TC 223 aim at protecting the society from and response to these incidents, emergencies, and disasters.

ISO adopted a programme that seeks to ensure that developing countries are not mere users of standards developed by ISO/TC 223, but become part of the development of these standards. As the name suggests, this is a substructure of TC 223 which created a platform for meaningful collaboration and participation by developing countries in the work of the committee. This is an opportunity for developing countries to influence standards being developed and propose new standards to be developed.

For more information or to join DCCG, contact its convenor Moshema Mosia.


Upcoming events

ISO 22341 Project team,
15 Nov, Zoom 

ISO 22341 Project team,
19 Nov, Zoom 

Communication Group meeting, 
3 Dec, Zoom 

WG 3 meeting,
[TBD] March 2019 [TBD]

WG 2 meeting,
[TBD] May 2019 [TBD]

7th ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting
[TBD] September, 2019

8th ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting
[TBD] June, 2020, in Berlin, Germany



Suggest a standard

Contact us if you would like to make a suggestion. We appreciate your contribution.