There are many events and meetings related to ISO/TC 223 activities. Some of these are open to the public but in order to participate in the formal meetings you need to be appointed by your national standards body so you are allowed to represent your country in these discussions.

Ever since the committee had its first plenary meeting in May 2006, larger meetings have been arranged twice a year where the Working Groups meet simultaneously to discuss all the standardization work. These are big events that go on for a week somewhere in the world and gather about 120 delegates from 30-40 countries. Between these large events there are also smaller meetings for individual Working Groups and Project Teams as well as workshops and seminars on our standards.ISO standardization is truly international and all activities are therefore spread out in the countries that are actively involved in the work.

Next meeting is tentatively scheduled to be held in March in Japan.

ISO/TC 223 have previously met in the following places: 

17th plenary meeting in Lucerne, Switzerland (June 2-6, 2014)

16th plenary meeting in Capetown, South Africa (January 12-17, 2014)

15th plenary meeting in Delft, the Netherlands (June, 2013)

14th plenary meeting in Nairobi, Kenya (December, 2012) 

13th plenary meeting in Bogota, Colombia (May, 2012)

12th plenary meeting in Beijing, China (November, 2011)

11th plenary meeting in Berlin, Germany (May, 2011)

10th plenary meeting in Bangkok, Thailand (December, 2010)

9th plenary meeting in Stockholm, Sweden (May, 2010)

8th plenary meeting in Ekurhuleni, South Africa (November, 2009)

7th plenary meeting in Paris, France (May 2009) 

6th plenary meeting in Bali, Indonesia (November 2008)

5th plenary meeting in Seoul, Korea (May, 2008) 

4th plenary meeting in Hague, the Netherlands (November, 2007)

3rd plenary meeting in Orlando, USA (May, 2007) 

2nd plenary meeting in Bangkok, Thailand (November 11-14, 2006)

1st plenary meeting in Stockholm, Sweden (May 5-7, 2006)

Working Group meetings not held in conjunction with plenaries

Workshops and seminars


Upcoming events

20-24 January in Bogota, Colombia 
Working Group 9 meeting

[TBD] February, Zoom
Communication Group meeting

[TBD] Mars in London, UK 
Working Group 6 and Working Group 8 meeting

21-26 June, 2020, in Berlin, Germany
8th ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting



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