Chair Åsa Kyrk Gere
Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency SIS (Sweden) Phone: +1 202 467 2647 E-mail:

Secretary Bengt Rydstedt
Swedish standards institute SIS (Sweden) Phone: +46 8 555 520 28 E-mail:


Convenor WG 1 Framework Kenji Watanabe

JISC (Japan) E-mail:


Convenor WG 2 Terminology Norma McCormick

SCC (Canada) E-mail:


Convenor WG 3 Emergency management Ernst-Peter Döbbeling

DIN (Germany) E-mail:


Convenor WG 4 Resilience and continuity Herman Schipper

NEN (The Netherlands) E-mail:


Convenor WG 6 Mass evacuation  Duncan Shaw

BSI (United Kingdom) E-mail:



Convenor DCCG Developing Countres Mr Moshema Mosia

Disaster & Emergency Management Services Department SABS (South Africa) Phone: 011-999-1475 E-mail:


Convenor CG Communication Group Stefan Tangen

Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency SIS (Sweden) E-mail:



Assistant to secretary Anna-Karin Jansson
Swedish standards institute SIS (Sweden) Phone: +46 8 555 520 25 E-mail:

Upcoming events

20-24 January in Bogota, Colombia 
Working Group 9 meeting

[TBD] February, Zoom
Communication Group meeting

[TBD] Mars in London, UK 
Working Group 6 and Working Group 8 meeting

21-26 June, 2020, in Berlin, Germany
8th ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting



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